Domain Registration-Price List

 Registration PriceRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.comRs. 899 /yRs. 999 /yRs. 999 /y
.inRs. 599 /yRs. 659 /yRs. 659 /y
.netRs.1299 /yRs.1299 /yRs.1299 /y
.orgRs.1199 /yRs.1199 /yRs.1199 /y
.bizRs.1299 /yRs.1299 /yRs.1299 /y
.infoRs.1299 /yRs.1299 /yRs.1299 /y
.in.netRs. 525 /yRs. 525 /yRs. 525 /y
.co.inRs. 525 /yRs. 525 /yRs. 525 /y
.asiaRs.1199 /yRs.1199 /yRs.1199 /y
.coRs.2272 /yRs.2272 /yRs.2272 /y
.co.comRs.2499 /yRs.2499 /yRs.2499 /y
.meRs.2233 /yRs.2233 /yRs.2233 /y
.mobiRs.1599 /yRs.1599 /yRs.1599 /y
.nameRs. 999 /yRs. 999 /yRs. 999 /y
.shikshaRs.1599 /yRs.1599 /yRs.1599 /y
.tvRs.3199 /yRs.3199 /yRs.3199 /y
.ukRs. 799 /yRs. 799 /yRs. 799 /y
.usRs. 699 /yRs. 699 /yRs. 699 /y

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